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Ευχαριστούμε θερμά την εταιρεία NetScope Solutions


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Ευχαριστούμε θερμά την εταιρεία NetScope Solutions που είναι πάντα δίπλα μας ,για την ευγενική χειρονομία της να μας κάνει Δωρεά WIKE TRACER/TONE

030-1280x0512.thumb.jpg.350112572e33ec5dfa5561a0a2af97eb.jpg 19554540-558768277792446-522057682669680468-n.thumb.jpg.81f57d434315d98904d25d134b2cce33.jpg
NetScope Solutions 
Our mission is to provide innovative measurement and operational support solutions based on cutting edge technology products and systems to the electronics and telecommunications market

NetScope Solutions was established on March 2001 aiming to fulfill the increasing demand for cost effective specialized products and systems suitable for efficient troubleshooting, maintenance and management of telecommunication and data networks.

Products and Systems
Netscope Solutions is offering a complete range of measurement and operational support products and systems in cooperation with leading manufacturers worldwide.
Netscope Solutions with the breadth and depth of products and its technical expertise is able to offer solutions across its customers' entire product life cycle from research and development to manufacturing to installation to optimisation and management.

NetScope Solutions

Lachana 4, 14342 New Philadelphia
(+30) 210 2724107
(+30) 210 2711999

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